Google just gave us an extra 130 characters to play with!

Today’s just been one of those days. I got to work feeling on top of my game, my to-do list well under control for once and a clear focus on what I needed to achieve. My first task of every day is to check up on all my Facebook and Google paid campaigns for my clients and Sabre.

I check through my various Facebook ad accounts – Leads coming in, Conversions being made, CPA under control. All is good.

Over to Google Ads I go – Great CTR, Low CPC, Bidding is on point – wait – what’s this notification?

Hmmm… That can’t be right, I’d never waste space in an ad. What’s this all about then? I click the “Get Started” button to figure it out and to my surprise there’s hundreds of ads showing the alert. I open an ad fearing the worst and I’m greeted by this…

A THIRD HEADLINE AND A SECOND DESCRIPTION?! It’s finally here! Google’s gifted us an extra 30 character headline, increased the description character limit from 80 to 90 and allowed us to run a second description – this is huge!

Back in May Google teased us with these changes, and without warning they’ve pushed it out overnight.

Well there goes my well organised day – I’ve got some copy to write and a few hundred ads to update!

What does this update mean for you?

If you’re running google ads for your business this means you’ll be in the same place I was this morning, you’ll be wanting to update all of your ads to make the most of the new space. If you act quickly, your ads will stand out above your competition.

Now from what I’ve read we need to treat these new Headings and Descriptions the same as you would for any of the regular extensions – they aren’t guaranteed to show all the time so your ad will need to make sense without them. But with the right bidding strategy and a high relevance score you’ve got the best chance possible to dominate the search feed.

Google has given us –

* A third 30 character headline

* An extra 10 characters in descriptions, from 80 to 90

* A second 90 character description

When Google did this to us back in 2016 with the addition of a Second Headline the PPC world went mad. Click Through Rates increased dramatically throughout the industry, I remember seeing an increase myself of over 20% if my memory serves me right. Back then they gave us an extra 45 characters to play with and it changed everything.

Today they’ve given us an extra 130 characters – what are you going to do with them and how long is it going to take you to implement?

If you don’t have the time, knowledge or level of passion as we do for PPC and this all sounds way too difficult, get in touch with me for a strategy session and we’ll keep your Ads account up to date.

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